Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

Please see below update on progress last week and look ahead to this week for the following key Town Centre Access Plan (TCAP) projects:

  • King Street West / Chestergate;

  • Knightsbridge;

  • M60 Junction 1 (Hollywood Way); and

  • Travis Brow Link Road.


A summary of traffic management in place week commencing 25.02.19 can be found at https://www.stockport.gov.uk/town-centre-access-plan/traffic-management-tcap.


King Street West/ Chestergate

Progress made during w/c 18/02/19

·         Surfacing and application of road markings to junction


Look ahead for w/c 25/02/19

·         Loop cutting for traffic signals

·         Signage installation

·         Commissioning of new traffic signals



Ongoing works to complete:

·         Installation of decorative railings to commence 25/02/18 and are anticipated to take 1 week to complete.

·         Landscaping to be completed during the next planting season.


M60 Junction 1 (Hollywood Way)

Progress made during w/c 18/02/19

·         Landscaping planting.

Look ahead for w/c 25/02/19

·         Signage installation.


Future works to complete

·         Surfacing to M60 Junction 1 following approval of required Temporary Traffic Regulation Order by Highways England.


Travis Brow Link Road

Progress made during w/c 18/02/19

·         The Viaduct monitoring and stabilization works to arch 23 (rock anchors)is nearing completion.. Access chambers to the top row of anchors are to be constructed during the building of the cladding brickwork.

·         Completion of the link road sub base and drainage.   

·         Preparations to arch 23 abutments north and south, brick cladding/ concrete infilling.

·         Retaining wall cladding brickwork continues, concrete/mortar infill to cavities as works proceed.      

·         Wellington Rd North /Travis Brow. New carriageway/traffic islands/drainage/street lighting, UTC ducting and chambers. Commencement of anti- pedestrian paving.

·         Tarmac surfacing to Travis brow link road and raising of ironwork in preparation for final surfacing.

·         Anti- pedestrian paving to Travis Brow footways.            

·         George’s Road traffic management removed allowing northbound and southbound flow from A6 to Travis Brow.

·         George’s Road south footpath base course in place.

·         Wellington Road North - Traffic management restricting traffic flows inbound and outbound for planing resurfacing works from M60 bridge to Andrew Street.       

·         George’s Road/A6 junction signals have been commissioned, temporary poles and barrels have been removed.

·         George’s Road/Travis Brow junction – break out of islands and kerbing works to remodel junction.

·         Travis Brow south footway outside ambulance depot – break out for installation of new ACO drain kerb and drainage connection.

·         Break out of Travis Brow inbound bus layby and break out for new carriageway construction and tie in to proposed cycleway, including removal of bus shelters inbound and outbound Travis Brow.

·         Excavation for cycleway tie-in to the A6.   

·         Signage works ongoing – installing bases, sleeves and poles.   


Look ahead for w/c 25/02/19

·          Completion of binder course on link road.   

·         Final surface course and carriageway markings from A6 to bottom of Travis Brow Link Road.

·         Retaining wall brickwork cladding continues, concrete/mortar infill to cavities as work continues.

·         Signage and street lighting installation.

·         Preparation for cycle lane surfacing.

·         Completion of carriageway from Wellington Road North/Railway Street junction.

·         Kerb installation Wellington Road North/Railway Street junction.

·         Carriageway marking works top go ahead following surfacing completion on Wellington Road North and link road.

·         Island reconstruction adjacent to M60 motorway bridge on Wellington Road North.

·         Signage works to continue.

·         UTC cabling works to commence on Wellington Road North / link road junction

·         George’s Road/Travis brow junction remodelling works to continue, with no right turn from George’s Road to Travis Brow. Diversion around Heaton Lane roundabout.

·         Carriageway construction and tie in from old island on Travis Brow.

·         Travis Brow bus layby kerbing and construction.