Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

A summary of traffic management in place week commencing 11.02.19 can be found at https://www.stockport.gov.uk/town-centre-access-plan/traffic-management-tcap.


King Street West/ Chestergate

Progress made during w/c 04/02/19

·         Kingston Street carriageway excavation and construction

Look ahead for w/c 11/02/19

·         Kingston Street carriageway excavation and construction

·         Surfacing works to junction (see below)


Note: From Monday 11th February 2019 for up to 8 nights (7.30pm to 5am, excluding Saturday and Sunday) the junction of King Street West / Chestergate is scheduled to be resurfaced. The junction will be closed to vehicles during the works and re-opened each day. Signed diversion routes will be in place during the closure and affected parties have been notified. Further details  about the closure can be found within the traffic management tracker above.




Ongoing works to complete:

·         Installation of decorative railings planned for mid February

·         Coping to new brick wall to be installed following receipt of materials

·         Snagging

·         Landscaping to be completed during the next planting season


M60 Junction 1 (Hollywood Way)

Progress made during w/c 04/02/19

·         Installation of signage, street lighting and bollards

Look ahead for w/c 11/02/19

·         Installation of signage, street lighting and bollards


Future works to complete

·         Landscaping planting following removal of redundant lighting column

·         Surfacing to M60 Junction 1 following approval of required Temporary Traffic Regulation Order by Highways England.


Travis Brow Link Road

Progress made during w/c 04/02/19

·         The Viaduct monitoring and stabilization works to arch 23 (rock anchors)is nearing completion. Testing of the installed anchors continued this week.

·         Kerbing, drainage, ducting and base tarmac to islands on link road.       

·         Embankment stabilisation works above the new cycleway are complete. The combined cycle/ pedestrian pathway continues to be worked on this week and sub base layer and pin kerbs are installed along the full length of the retaining wall section approaching the viaduct.

·         Tree planting has commenced along the cycle way and on embankments and is well progressed this week. Low level shrubbery planting has commenced on embankments and is continuing.   

·         A new precast concrete stairway is in the process of production in Ireland and when transported over will be positioned midway between the new high level pathway and Decathlon Car Park specifically for pedestrians.      

·         Brickwork/ blockwork cladding to the retaining wall commenced on 24th January 2019 and the ground level cladding is progressing eastward towards the viaduct in readiness for the first level of temporary access scaffolding. Highway works to Wellington Road North, Georges Road and the new link road continue and works this week include kerbing to footways and new islands, tactile crossings, UTC ducting and `Flag on edge` land retention to accommodate changes in ground levels where footways have been widened.

·         UTC have commenced works to provide temporary signalling to the junction of Travis Brow and Georges Road (poles in barrels). This is programmed to be completed by the 8th Feb 2019 to allow highway works to commence next week.

·         Georges Road East beyond B&Q has been constrained to one way traffic westbound to facilitate the remodelling works safely. Traffic returns to two way running at week- ends and will continue until further notice. Highway works were temporarily suspended on Georges Road on the 5th Feb for 2 days to assist traffic movement in the area whilst temporary signals were deployed at the junction.

·         Site clearance of land and temporary perimeter fencing associated with the construction of a new car park off Andrew Street continue.   


Look ahead for w/c 11/02/19

·         Completion of the reduced level dig to the new link road under Arch 23 in conjunction with new drainage and viaduct abutment works continue.  

·         Preparations to arch 23 abutments north and south, brick cladding/ concrete infilling.

·         Retaining wall cladding brickwork continues, concrete/mortar infill to cavities as works proceed.      

·         Wellington Rd North /Travis Brow. New carriageway/traffic islands/drainage/street lighting, UTC ducting and chambers. Commencement of anti- pedestrian paving.

·         Continuation of tree planting and landscape works to east and west elevations..           

·         Georges Road. The eastbound traffic continues to be diverted from B&Q roundabout.(the diversion will be reintroduced following removal of same for the weekends only) 

·         Georges Road, new kerbing/ crossings/ UTC works and street lighting to north and south sides continues..     

·         Wellington Road North/ Georges Rd (East). Traffic management restricting traffic flows inbound and outbound.        

·         Wellington Rd North. Continuation of excavation and preparation to facilitate footway remodelling working northwards. (flag on edge retaining detail from the Midland Pub to Andrew Street junction continues.)

·         Wellington Rd North. Continuation of new island construction and UTC ducts at the new junction. Bus stop paving installation.

·         Remedial works to new kerbing on inbound lane one. Completion of A6 tunnel filling operation also lane one inbound.