Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

King St West/Chestergate

Progress made during w/c 03.12.2018

·         Full carriageway excavation between Cooke Street and Top Gear Autos access

·         Kerbing installation to Kingston Street/ Chestergate junction complete


Look ahead for w/c 10.12.2018

·         Full carriageway excavation, road construction and kerbing and utilities ducting installation between Cooke Street and Top Gear Autos access



Progress made during w/c 03.12.2018

·         Landscaping

·         Car park open

·         Snagging


Outstanding works to be completed

·         Installation of decorative railings following completion of design 

·         Coping to new brick wall to be installed following receipt of materials

·         Snagging

·         Outstanding signage to be installed before Christmas

·         Landscaping


Hollywood Way

Progress made during w/c 03.12.2018

·         Painting to subway

·         Replacement of damaged flags to walkway linking Yew St and Brinksway

·         Retaining wall parapet mesh infill installation


Look ahead for w/c 10.12.2018

·         Commissioning of traffic signals (which includes removal of temporary signal equipment

·         Pedestrian guardrail installation

·         Painting to subway and retaining wall

·         Application of road markings

·         Resurfacing works to pedestrian islands and footpath to commence once commissioning of traffic signals is completed



Note: permanent signs to reinforce the right turn only lane from Wood Street to Chestergate to be installed in the new year following receipt of sign poles. Temporary signage to remain in place until this time.


Travis Brow Link Road

Progress made during w/c 03.12.2018

·         Travis Brow embankment reduced dig and disposal of earth is nearing completion. The Viaduct stabilization works to arch 23 (rock anchors) continues.   

·         Embankment stabilisation works to the west embankments above the new cycleway continue. All soil nails have been installed and mesh overlay/Geocell layer is ongoing.  

·         Brickwork/ blockwork cladding to the retaining wall has commenced below ground levels.

·         Filter drains installation at the base of embankments is ongoing.

·         Shotcrete covering to the vertical drainage is nearing completion with the exception of the last four or five piles at the east end of the wall.   

·         New drainage installations crossing Travis Brow are ongoing. Drainage works on the inbound carriageway lane are complete.     

·         Highway works to Wellington Road North.

·         Highway works to Travis Brow off line

·         TFGM co-ordinated works on the A6 Wellington Road North: a reclaimed bus shelter(left unglazed at present until after bus stop paving is installed) and a new pole has been installed in its new stop position on the northbound footway between Railway St and Andrew St . The new southbound bus stop adjacent to the redundant controlled crossing island has had a new pole installed.           



Look ahead for w/c 10.12.2018

·         Reduction of stockpiled materials, reduced level dig to the new link road

·         Filling in the redundant tunnel under the A6 (date to be confirmed).  

·         Continuation of the embankment stabilisation works high level north west.

·         Excavation and insertion of rock anchors to arch 23 abutments north and south.  

·         New carriageway/traffic islands/drainage/street lighting construction to divert inbound traffic around congested works areas continues this week.

·         Wellington Road North. Traffic management restricting traffic flows outbound (lane one bus lane closure) continue to facilitate highway works.     

·         Travis Brow, two lanes traffic will be maintained running through to the Christmas close down of works with the exception of minor inbound lane one incursions to facilitate new surfacing tie ins.

·         George’s Road, one way traffic westbound from the A6 junction to the B&Q entrance roundabout has commenced on 3rd December 2018 and is expected to operate until the Christmas close down when it will revert to two way traffic..        

·         Traffic mananagement and enabling works to Georges Road  north side, Andrew Street and Wycliffe Street are continue this week, street lighting/ UTC ducts/ chambers, kerbing installation. Minor incursions on highway expected.