Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

  • King Street West / Chestergate;

  • Knightsbridge;

  • M60 Junction 1 (Hollywood Way); and

  • Travis Brow Link Road.


A summary of traffic management in place week commencing 26.11.18 can be found at https://www.stockport.gov.uk/town-centre-access-plan/traffic-management-tcap.


King St West/Chestergate

Progress made during w/c 19.11.2018

·         Full carriageway excavation and reconstruction on Kingston St and Lundy fence line relocation which requires a closure of Kingston St (between Cook St and Chestergate) to enable these works

·         Footway construction on Cooke Street

·         Kerbing and drainage works to Kingston St, between Cook Street and Chestergate

·         Drainage on Western footway of King St West, between Chestergate and Cooke St


Look ahead for w/c 26.11.2018

·         Commence full carriageway excavation and reconstruction on Kingston St and Lundy fence line relocation. Road closure of Kingston St, between Chestergate and Cook Street, including Cook Street.

·         Lay base course material to the Kingston Street west footway.

·         Prepare sub base layer and lay bituminous base material to Kingston Street east footway.



Progress made during w/c 19.11.2018

·         Tree pit construction on Great Portwood Street

·         Maintenance steps construction to embankment

·         Top soiling to embankment area

·         CCTV mast pavement surround installation

·         Footway paving

·         Surfacing to car park area


Look ahead for w/c 26.11.2018

·         Car Park Pay & Display machine installation

·         Surfacing to car park area

·         Install handrail to maintenance steps, benches, timber knee rail fencing to car park border and litter bins

·         Planting of mature trees


Hollywood Way

Progress made during w/c 19.11.2018

·         Installation of Pedestrian Crossing Studs at Brinksway/Wood Street Hollywood Way

·         Installation of traffic signage infrastructure

·         Install concrete foundation for Pedestrian Guard Rails

·         Lining works to Box Junction at Hollywood Way/Yew Street          


Look ahead for w/c 26.11.2018

·         Ongoing  Installation of Pedestrian Crossing Studs

·         Installation of footings for Pedestrian Guard rails

·         Installation of traffic signal infrastructure

·         Resurfacing works to pedestrian islands and footpath


Travis Brow Link Road

Progress made during w/c 19.11.2018 

·         Travis Brow embankment reduced dig and disposal of earth continues progressing eastward beyond the viaduct towards wellington Road North. Capping layer installation is complete up to the present Network Rail exclusion zone.

·         Works to the existing tunnel under the A6 are continuing, the entrances have been sealed off with blockwork and filling with foam concrete from the west side is complete.

·         Soil nailing works to the west embankments above the new cycleway continue

·         Brickwork/ blockwork cladding to the retaining wall has commenced below ground levels.

·         Filter drain at the base of the south embankment is complete.

·         Installation of perforated vertical drainage pipes between the retaining wall piles is ongoing. Steel reinforcement mesh has been introduced to help support the shotcrete covering which has commenced this week   

·         New drainage installations crossing Travis Brow are ongoing.

·         Highway works to Wellington Road North

·         Highway works to Travis Brow


Look ahead for w/c 26.11.2018 

·         Reduction of stockpiled materials, reduced level dig to the new link road

·         Foundation brickwork/ blockwork cladding to new retaining walls

·         Filling in the redundant tunnel under the A6

·         Soil nailing of the north west embankment.  

·         Retaining wall brick cladding

·         New carriageway/ drainage/ street lighting construction to divert inbound traffic around congested works areas has commence this week.

·         Wellington Road North. Traffic management restricting traffic flows in each direction (lane one bus lane closures) continues. Construction of a new island incorporating UTC ducts and chambers  maintaining single lane traffic in both directions. Continuation of excavation and preparation to facilitate footway remodelling working northwards. Preparation and concreting of narrow widening concrete slab, new drainage runs, new conservation kerbing continues.  

·         Travis Brow. Traffic management restricting traffic flows to one lane inbound will continue until 28th November 2018. Thereafter two lanes in each direction will be maintained until early January 2019.

·         Preliminary works to George's Road, Andrew Street and Wycliffe Street