Temporary Lights Brabyns Brow

****Future Work****

20/4/2018   Annette Finnie reports that she attended a meeting with Cadent Gas (the contractors) on Thursday. The three gas mains on Brabyns Brow need replacing with a single new one. Cadent have agreed that in future much better communication will occur with road users and local area for any future repair and renewals work and when the mains are replaced.

17/4/2018  Finally finished!!

16/4/2018  Please be advised that these works are still on going and are expected to last at least till 23rd April.

5/4/2018  Please be advised that these works are still ongoing due to further readings being found and further works are required to locate and repair the ongoing escapes. They now expect to be completed on site by 16th April and require the use of temporary traffic signals.

29/03/2018 These works are still on-going as Cadent continue working on multiple gas escapes which they are aiming to have completed by 9th April.  Although temporary traffic signals are still in operation when required at this location, we can confirm that the site will be clear of signals over the duration of the Easter break.

  Works are expected to finish by 29th March

Cllr Annette Finnie has been checking on progress of these emergency works. Unfortunately they may be in place for some time, she reports:

"we are receiving regular updates from Cadent Gas.  They have stated that they are expecting to find multiple gas escapes at this location.  At present, we do not have an expected end date for these works or a time scale as to how long the temporary signals will be in place.  The current permit is due to finish on 22nd March however, this could be extended depending on whether Cadent have managed to complete these emergency works."