Help us campaign to protect Marple and High Lane bus services

Cllrs Kenny Blair, Tom Dowse and Candidate Yvonne Collier have launched their campaign to protect bus services in Marple and High Lane.

Yvonne Collier says, "When  bus services are removed, opportunities are taken away. That is why I am passionate about protecting local  Marple/ High Lane bus services.

With support from Councillors Kenny Blair and Tom Dowse, I will be fighting for the reinstatement of this village lifeline".

Please complete our survey so that your views are represented.

Thank you.



Bus Survey High Lane

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1.2 Do you think services are frequent enough in our area?
1.3 If there was a more frequent bus service between Marple and High Lane would you use it ?
1.4 What frequency of service would encourage you to utilise the bus to and from Marple?
1.5 Will the cancellation of the 303, 304 and 305 bus services impact you or your family?