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Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

St Mary’s Way

 Progress made during w/c 04.06.2018

·         Continuation of signage installation to all areas

·         Completion of new cycle access on Upper Brook St (rear of Nissan)


Look ahead for w/c 11.06.2018

Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling is a constant problem reported

Stockport Council is consulting on proposals to promote responsible dog ownership in the Borough. Please respond here

Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

M60 Junction 1 (Hollywood Way)

Progress made during w/c 21.05.2018:

·         Rebar construction ongoing 

·         Waterproofing of reinforced concrete bases and stems

·         Import of material

·         Backfill behind wall ongoing


SEMMMS refresh consultation

Our local area is a great place to live, combining the benefits of an urban area with close access to the countryside. However, this does mean a great number of people must travel between where they live, work, study, and relax.

Compstall Fete

Annette Finnie helped out at the Hoop La stall at the fete:

"Fantastic day, wonderful weather, good time had by all. Big thank you to the volunteers who put a lot of hard work into a very well run event."

The BBC were there and it was covered in the North West news!

Updates Major Road Schemes and Traffic Management

St Mary’s Way

Progress wc 7.04.18  

·         Continuation of street lighting connections, footway surfacing and signage installation

·         Commissioning of new traffic signals at the junction of Hall St/Spring Gardens/SMW

Look Ahead wc 14.05.18      

New Mersey Bridge


Work creating a new direct link road bridge across the River Mersey has begun in Stockport town centre.

Glossop Road Hedges

Overgrown Glossop Road Hedges betwween Windsor Castle and Ley Lane

Cllr Annette Finnie reports on progress with this issue;