Hazel Grove


Councillor Julian Lewis-Booth

I am your Conservative Councillor in Hazel Grove.

I live on the Racecourse estate just of Torkington Road, was born in Withington and have lived in Hazel Grove for the last 18 years.

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Hazel Grove is not the Wild West

Written By Julian Lewis-Booth

I write here to try and deliver a calming voice to the numerous posts through multiple groups of what reads like a crime wave in Hazel Grove.

Library Consultation, Hazel Grove, Marple and High Lane


Following a successful pilot at Bramhall Library Stockport Council has now installed Open Library technology (Open+) across, Cheadle Hulme, Hazel Grove, High Lane, Heaton’s and Marple Libraries.

Barclays Closure Letter

Barclays Closure Letter

Dear Emma,

Thank you for your letter informing me about the closure of the Hazel Grove Branch of Barclays.

Fixing Potholes

The Conservative Government have made a further £100M available to Councils to address potholes following the severe weather. The local share of this will see Stockport Council get an additional £297,212 from the pothole fund on top of the pothole action funds we have already had this year.