High Court injunction banning illegal Travellers Camps

After yet more months blighted by the appearance of illegal traveller camps at Melford Road in Hazel Grove, Cllr. Oliver Johnstone is campaigning for Stockport Council to seek a High Court injunction, banning unauthorised traveller encampments throughout Stockport Borough. Currently, Council officials must follow a lengthy legal process each time a camp is setup.

“Hazel Grove residents are sick to the back teeth of the fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and mess created when these camps are setup.It effectively makes Melford Road a ‘no-go’ area for businesses & residents. This is utterly
unacceptable and enough is enough”, said Oliver.

Anyone who breaches such an order could be arrested, fined and even jailed.

“Please sign my petition to show your support for banning illegal traveller camps in Hazel Grove and Stockport!”

High Court injunction unauthorised traveller camps

We the undersigned call on SMBC to apply to the High Court for an injunction to ban unauthorised travellers camps in Stockport Borough